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To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world


Want to learn a foreign language?

Karma Traduction offers you different ways to reach your goals and learn Italian, Spanish, French or Dutch with native speakers.

Our courses

Those who know many languages live as many lives as the languages they know.

To support you in your approach, we offer different packages. From individual courses to group courses. From the first beginnings, to targeted courses.

We can also organize e-learning courses. You receive your exercises by email and we meet on skype to practice your oral skills.


one-on-one lessons

This course allows you to dive into the language and make rapid progress.

Entirely base on your needs, personal or professional,we build your training program together.

group lessons


Group courses are an excellent way to learn a language in a friendly atmosphere.

They allow you to make rapid progess in the spoken language in an interactive way.


Intended for adults who wish to acquire specific skills related to their professional activity.

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